Warning: Contents May Be Hot

This is our first post! Bear with us while we tweak the layout and build up valuable content. We will post an “About Us” shortly when we are able to sit down together and write, but until then, enjoy some of the content we post and venture out there to taste test some of the best food the city has to offer!

In college I (Dani) was at every. single. wing. night. I loved wings. Honey mustard, barbeque, buffalo, teriyaki – chicken was definitely the hardest meat for me to give up. Although I’ll never look back, I crave vegan “wings” often now. Luckily, Philadelphia must specialize in this area, because it seems like more and more restaurants we go to have some form of vegan wings.

Missy, on the other hand, was grossed out by wings her entire life. It took her a while to even get on board with the vegan ones, because she didn’t want something that too closely resembled meat (how adorable). Fast forward to now, and we’re both scouring the city for the best vegan wings we can find. Hence why we’ve created a category specifically called “Vegan Wing Night.”

These were some awesome freakin’ wings from Blackbird Pizzeria. If I remember correctly, they were Pineapple Habanero, but their wing flavors change often. We had to stuff our faces with fries to temporarily relieve the heat, but they were SO good that we kept going back for the next bite. Even our carnivore friend became so addicted to these that movie nights then of consisted of ordering Blackbird takeout just for the wings.


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