Croquettes: Fried Balls of Gold

We have an unfortunately sad story about croquettes. There’s a program called the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody.. don’t worry, this is not a sales pitch. We have long since left that behind, however we did do the full program together. The ONE thing that helped us survive was the promise we made to ourselves that we would go to Charlie Was A Sinner for potato croquettes as a treat if we successfully completed the full 21 days.

Well, thanks to seasonal menus, we visited a little bit too late. They had taken them off the menu. The despair was real in that moment, and we were honestly pretty heartbroken (Missy was ready to ask the kitchen to make them specially for us given the circumstances). We obviously survived, and not too long after we came across these incredible butternut squash croquettes from Molly Malloy’s in the Reading Terminal Market.

Absolutely worth the wait.


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